Article 1

The Correbarri is an athletic competition organized by Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta and Gaudium Sports, S.L., with the support of the of Barcelona City Council and the Port de Barcelona. The eighth Correbarri will take place in Barcelona on October 13th, 2019, at 9:00 AM.

Article 2

The route is a 10 km circuit. The organization could modify the route by external cause and/or force majeure.

Article 3

The running is open to athletes from all the world, federates or not. All the runners take part on the event under their responsibility, knowing if their physical condition is enough to complete the running. Handbikes are not allowed to the race.

Article 4

To participate you must be born in 2005 or before. The runners who are not 18 years old yet the day of the event, must indicate their mother/father/guardian ID and their name and surname to complete the registration. The runners born in 2004 and 2005 must go with an adult person who takes responsibility of them.

Article 5

Race numbers are personal and non-transferable; you cannot give or sell your number to another person. It’s not allowed to participate with an unofficial race number. Entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred or transferred.

Article 6

To pick up the number, the runners have to show their registration receipt and their ID. The number must be visible on the front part of the body during all the race. The number and chip have to be picked up on the dates and schedules establish by the organization.

Article 7

It will be a refreshment point on the 5km and on the finish zone as well. Time limit is 1 hour and 25 minutes. After this time, the participants, who are still on route, can continue running, under their responsibilities and following the traffic rules circulation. The finish line will be closed 1 hour and 30 minutes after the start.

Article 8

The safety on the street is responsibility of the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona and the Policía Portuaria. The official medical services are authorized to move away a participant for medical reasons.

Article 9

All the participants will receive a chip to wear on the snicker. The chips have to be returned at the end of the race. If runners who have their own chip have indicated their chip number during the registration, they won’t receive a chip. There are 2 timekeeping points: 5km and 10km.

Article 10

With the inscription, each participant will receive a color t-shirt depending on their district. The organization recommends wearing the t-shirt during the race to identify the 10 teams.

Article 11

There is an overall individual time classification, receiving awards the 3 first classifieds in the male category and 3 first classified in the female competition. Also, there are awards for the first male and female classifieds of each district and for the winner district/team. The district/team winner will be known by the amount of point of the 35 fist males and 15 first female of each district.
For the individual classification, the organization will consider the official time. For the district winner, the real time

Article 12

The organization will have an insurance policy.

Article 13

By registering for the Correbarri, the participants give their consent to Gaudium Sports, S.L., by itself or through third parties, to treat their personal data automatically and exclusively for sports, promotional or commercial purposes.

The responsible for the data processing is Gaudium Sports SL.

Every person has the right to ask the responsible for access to their data, rectification or deletion, or the limitation of their treatment, and to oppose the processing, as well as the right to the portability of their data. This right can be exercised by mail addressed to [email protected].

The interested person can submit a claim to the control authority, Spanish Agency for Data Protection (

Likewise, and in accordance with the sports interests, promotion, distribution and exploitation of the Correbarri (reproduction of photographs of the test, publication of qualifying lists, etc.) by any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) and without a time limit, those registered expressly assign to the organization the right to reproduce the name and surnames, the place obtained in the general classification, the sports brand made and its image.

The participant authorizes the transfer of personal data to third parties, exclusively for the purpose of organizing sporting events.

This authorization is always revocable, without retroactive effects, and at any time the consent given may be denied or exercise any of the rights mentioned by mail or letter to Gaudium Sports SL.

Article 14

Motorized vehicles or bicycles that don’t belong to the organization are not allowed. The vehicles motorized o bicycles that belong to the organization will have an accreditation.

Article 15

The Correbarri belongs to the 19th Lliga Championchip, at the XII Challenge BCN 10K 2019-2020 and the 8th Lliga Corrent fem Barça

Article 16

The participants at the Correbarri accept all the articles on this regulation.